"...look into all things with a searching eye” - Baha'u'llah (Prophet Founder of the Baha'i Faith)


Dec 5, 2012

Some insights gained from life …

Q: It is known as "the most destructive habit." … A: Worry
Q: This action provides the "the greatest Joy." … A: Giving
Q: What is the "the greatest loss?" … A: Loss of self-respect 
Q: This type of work is known as "the most satisfying work.” …A: Helping others
Q: What is the “ugliest personality trait?" …A: Selfishness
Q: This species is known as "the most endangered species." …A: Dedicated leaders
Q: What is "our greatest natural resource?" …A: Our youth
Q: This activity is known as "the greatest "shot in the arm." …A: Encouragement
Q: This obstacle is known as "The greatest problem to overcome." …A: Fear 
Q: What is the “most effective sleeping pill?" …A: Peace of mind
Q: What is the "most crippling failure disease?" …A: Excuses
Q: This force is known as "The most powerful force in life." …A: Love
Q: This person is known as "the one who is cast out or refused acceptance as a member of the society." …A: Gossiper 
Q: It is known as "The world's most incredible computer." …A: Human brain
Q: It is known to be "The worst thing to be without." …A: Hope
Q: It is known as the "The deadliest weapon." …A: The tongue
Q: What are the "two most power-filled words?" …A: "I Can"
Q: What is the “greatest asset" that a person can have? …A: Faith
Q: What is the "most worthless emotion?" …A: Self-pity
Q: What is the "most beautiful attire?" …A: Smile!
Q: What is a person's "most prized possession?" …A: Integrity
Q:  This method of communication is known as "The most powerful channel of communication." …A: Prayer
Q: What is the "most contagious spirit" that a person can have? …A: Enthusiasm (Internet Sources)