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May 17, 2013

"Post-it" notes

This invention has invaded our daily lives, in the office, at home, everywhere. It was invented purely by chance in 1970. Dr. Spencer Sylver of 3M was involved in research on a completely different product when he discovered an adhesive that "sticks without sticking." He sent samples of his discovery to other laboratories in the 3M group, but no use could be found for this surprising product.

It was not until 10 years later than Arthur Fry, another research worker in the 3M group, found a use for what was to become the Post-it, again purely by chance. He was a member of a choir and was trying to find a way of marking the pages of his music book without damaging the paper. And this was why, in 1980, he put a thin layer of this famous "unknown" adhesive onto the page markers of his score . . . and it worked! The little pastel-colored pieces of paper that stick, unstick and can be re-stuck at will came into being. The name Post-it was invented in 1981. (Inventions and Discoveries)
A microscopic photograph of a Post-it note. Spheres of resin are sunk into the paper, and each time the paper is pressed, bubbles burst and glue is released.