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Jun 15, 2013

The effect of blood alcohol level on the body and behavior

The effects of drinking alcoholic beverages depend on the amount of actual ethyl alcohol consumed and body weight. The level of alcohol in the blood is calculated in milligrams (1 milligram equals 1/30,000 of an ounce) of pure (ethyl) alcohol per deciliter (3.5 fluid ounces), commonly expressed in percentages.

Number of drinks: 1
Blood alcohol level: 0.02-0.03%
Effects: Changes in behavior, coordination, and ability to think clearly

Number of drinks: 2
Blood alcohol level: 0.05%
Effects: Sedation or tranquilized feeling

Number of drinks: 3
Blood alcohol level: 0.08-0.10%
Effects: Legal intoxication in many states in USA

Number of drinks: 5
Blood alcohol level: 0.15-0.20%
Effects: Person is obviously intoxicated and may show signs of delirium

Number of drinks: 12
Blood alcohol level: 0.30-0.40%
Effects: Loss of consciousness

Number of drinks: 24
Blood alcohol level: 0.50%
Effects: Heart and respiration become so depressed that they to function and death follows. (The Handy Science Answer Book, compiled by the Science and Technology department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)