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Nov 7, 2012

The Ideal Intellectual?

Several years ago, a quartet of scientists studying IQ did a survey among average folks on what they believed were the characteristics of an intelligent person.

They found that almost everyone has a preconceived ideal of how an intelligent person acts and interacts with others. They also found that most people had a relatively similar notion of what these behavioral characteristics should be.

Below is a partial list of some of the traits that came out of the survey. These are not necessarily true traits of the intelligent personality, note the scientists, but only what others think it should be. They say an intelligent person:

* Accepts others for who they are; * Admits his own mistakes; * Displays an interest in the world at large; * Is on time for appointments; * Has a social conscience; * Thinks before speaking or acting; * Displays curiosity.;* Does not make snap judgments; * Is sensitive to other people's needs; * Is frank and honest with both himself and others; (Boost Your Brain Power, by Ellen Michaud, Russell Wild and the editors of Prevention Magazine)